Tuesday 17 January 2012

West coast invasion?

It would be remiss of me, given my previous post about BC-based craft beer in Halifax, not to note that Granville Island Brewing's English Bay Pale Ale is currently available at the NSLC (you can check here to see if it's available at your local store). I had a chance to visit their brewery in Vancouver a couple of years ago, and so seeing their wares on shelves on this side of the continent hit me with a healthy dose of west coast nostalgia. I'll admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of their Lions Winter Ale, which was available previously (and maybe still) at the NSLC, but I have fond memories of the Pale from my trip to BC, and am certainly looking forward to picking some up. Let's hope that this is indicative of an emerging trend, and as local favourites from Garrison and Propeller gain traction in markets across the country, we are exposed to an expanding variety of great Canadian craft beers here on the east coast.


  1. I recently had a Propeller Bitter at a little bar called Guilt & Co in Vancouver. Not sure if it's available in our liquor stores but I will be sure to look next time! Great blog guys!

    P.S. what's not to like about the Granville Island Winter Ale?! Hints of vanilla, mmmmm.

  2. Thanks, Christine! I continue to be impressed by the beer scene in Vancouver, and look forward to my next trip!

    As for the Granville Island Winter Ale, it was a little heavy on the vanilla for me, but it seems to be pretty popular, so evidently a lot of people (you included) share a different opinion!

    If you come across anything interesting on the west coast, beer-wise, please let us know. Thanks!