Friday 20 January 2012

Soccer = Beer?

While never a big fan of soccer, I can definitely agree with FIFA on this one.  Apparently they've made it a requirement that beer must be sold at all FIFA 2014 matches, despite it being illegal to sell alcohol in stadiums in the host country of Brazil.  I had no idea beer was so important to watching soccer.  Maybe it's about time I tried tuning in again?  If beer doesn't make it better, I'll just go back to my favourite sport... curling.  You can enjoy a beer while playing AND it even stays cold while you're out on the ice.  Can't beat that!


  1. Excellent beer related post, Newbs.

    If you were to brew a beer specifically for watching soccer, what would it be?

    What about one for watching hockey?

  2. Thanks Tom!

    I think to really embrace the hooliganism of soccer I think it would have to be pretty high test stuff... maybe combine the Leonard Malt Liquor (which I think we should totally make) into something also soccer themed?

    Hockey is harder... I'd be torn between an awesome stout that really warms you up, or something light you can enjoy lots of during the game.