Tuesday 27 March 2012

Local Beer Review Redux: Propeller Double IPA

If it seems like we just reviewed a Double IPA by Propeller last month, that's because, well, we did. The first release in 2012's One Hit Wonder series, dubbed the 2xIPA, enamoured us with its citrus-centric West Coast nose and flavour profile. We wanted more, but such is the double-edged sword of this type of series - they provide a great opportunity for experimentation and discovery, but if you create something truly remarkable, it exists only for limited amount of time. And then it's gone.

Or so one would think. Last week, we were pleasantly surprised by news that Propeller would be releasing a new seasonal Double IPA. Rising from the positive community response to the 2xIPA like a phoenix from a flaming mash tun, the Double IPA is a revised version of its predecessor, released last week in growlers and this coming week in 500 mL bottles. (Apparently an issue with a rogue labeller has delayed the bottle release slightly. If I was an aspiring robot overlord, I'd totally go for the beer supply first... could this be the beginning of the rise of the machines?!)

We picked up a growler of the Double IPA at the brewery on Friday, intrigued to find out how their experience with the 2xIPA and feedback from the passionate Halifax craft beer community had shaped the final product. We were pleased to find that the juicy citrus character was still prominent, as was the surprisingly easy-to-drink body belying a potent 8.2% ABV. We were less pleased, though, that the hop flavours seem to have been toned down somewhat by an enhanced malt sweetness relative to the 2xIPA. Technically, we feel that the Double IPA is more balanced, but we kind of dug the slight bitter imbalance of its predecessor. If you're a fan of something a bit sweeter, though, like Lagunitas Maximus Double IPA, you're really in for a treat.

Overall, our personal preferences shouldn't detract from the fact that the Double IPA is a great beer. It most certainly is, and we plan on stockpiling bottles as soon as they're released (please, labeller?). Kudos to Propeller for listening to the community response and giving us more of what we want!


  1. The brewery is a block away. I'll have to get there for some bottles soon.

  2. Nice to be so close! Yeah, definitely recommend checking this one out.

  3. Funny you should mention the malt sweetness. I've had their Pale Ale a few times where the sweetest was to the point of being worty. I do however like the first release of the DIPA but would like to see more consistency from this brewery and other local micros.

    Andrew W.