Friday 3 February 2012

Local Beer Review: Propeller 2xIPA (One Hit Wonder Series)

After much anticipation, we got our hands (and growlers) on the first offering in Propeller's 'One Hit Wonder' limited release series, the 2xIPA. This marks the second annual hop-bomb the Halifax brewery has dropped on local craft beer lovers, having released the DiPA double IPA in February of last year (one must wonder if they changed the name this year to avoid the logistical difficulties of a 'Two Hit Wonder'). Well aware of the potential dangers of opening a 1.89 L growler of high alcohol-by-volume (ABV) beer on a work night, we summarily dismissed any concerns and forged ahead.

The 2xIPA pours a beautiful golden-amber, with a nose that yells citrus... but also whispers some malty caramel. The loudest voice belongs to tangerine, a hallmark of the Centennial hops used to dry-hop this brew. A taste proves the 2xIPA to be as bitter as you'd expect at 85 IBUs, with an excellent bite up front from the hefty amount of Cascade hops. That bite mellows to citrus with some pine resin, with an undertone of malty sweetness. The body comes across lighter than expected for an 8.3% ABV beer, but we've also been drinking a lot of stouts lately, so that might be throwing us off. The 2xIPA's surprisingly easy-drinking nature is completed by a clean, round finish, with minimal aftertaste. Just a hint of bitterness remains on the back of your tongue, reminding you that this brew means business, but more importantly, leaving you wanting more.

What, your growler doesn't have a scuba suit?

Propeller has definitely started off on the right foot with their first 'One Hit Wonder' of 2012. Beyond brewing a stellar double IPA, they have succeeded in capturing the interest and attention of Halifax beer drinkers, making the release of the 2xIPA a broader community event (much like the release of their Pumpkin Ale in the fall). We, like the rest of those drawn in by this limited release series, are very much looking forward to what the first of next month will bring. For now, though, we're happy to slowly defuse this hop-bomb and enjoy it while it lasts.


  1. Great review. Going to have to stop in and pick up a growler for the end of day ...

  2. Thanks, man! What did you think of the 2xIPA? Also, just checked out your site - nice work! Now craving bacon-wrapped sausage...